The huge cat that wasn’t a cat!

So the last time I blogged, I mentioned a funny story that I forgot to tell. It may turn out that it was only funny to me and my wife but i’ll let you judge.

I was at home about to make a cup of tea like I normally do around 9pm, so off I go into the kitchen to make it. As I am stood in the kitchen I begin to potter around, filling the kettle, getting the cups ready etc, I then get this weird feeling that something is behind me.

At this point you should know that I have a cat (Lilo) and every night when I make a cuppa, I also give Lilo some cat treats called Dreamies, she loves them. The point to this bit is that I am consciously aware that Lilo may be in the kitchen with me and as a result, at some point she is going to Miaow or brush up against me to get my attention so I give her said Dreamies.

Anyway, getting back to the feeling of something behind me, I was taking the sugar container out of the cupboard and decide to turn around to see what it is. I am obviously expecting to look around and see my cat, however, when I turned around it was my wife, but because I was expecting to see my cat, in a split second of madness I thought the tall figure behind me was my Lilo, I then get totally freaked out thinking the hand of my wife on my shoulder is the cats paw and she’s somehow turned huge and is lurking behind me for these treats she is hooked on. At this point, reactions took over only for me to shout out a low dull “Brrrrr” and proceed to SLAM the sugar down on the kitchen surface. My wife, who was oblivious to the inner workings of my head burst into laughing at my rather odd reaction to her entering the kitchen. We have since recalled the story to my wife’s delight where she takes great pleasure in listening to me recall how I imagined this HUGE cat lurking over my shoulder.

I can honestly say that it was THE most terrified I’ve been in ages all because I thought some huge freaky cat was pawing my shoulder!!!!

From now on I’m going to make sure I know where everyone is before I make a cuppa!


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