Gove to ban mobile phones in the classroom

So according to The News of The World today (I don’t read this garbage, I was made aware of this through Twitter) Michael Gove (Tory education mushroom) is to ban mobile phone use in the classroom. Whilst I can appreciate that this may be the voice of an angel for some school and classroom teachers, it seems to me we are going backwards!

For those teachers that struggle with pupils using mobiles in the classroom and applaud this move you need for starters to sort YOUR classroom management out first. Then you might also realise that such technology can be used to your advantage through online polls, homework logging (alternative to the planner they never have!), also great for using on field work or in collaborative projects.

Get your heads out of the sand for crying out loud, you too Gove! I’m not in favour of giving pupils more power and ruling the schools but I am in favour of utilising student owned technology to deepen pupils learning experiences at a time when school budgets will struggle to provide such technology to our students.

If this is what you plan to do Michael then we may as well turn off the Internet, rip down the white boards and lock the laptops away. When is the supply of blackboards and chalk arriving you backward thinking moron?

For all those that agree with this, post a link to this article on every social media site you can, for those that disagree, go and look up what social media is and think how technology can help you if you just open your mind to how you can help your pupils rather than being scared to move with the times!

I’m here to offer ideas and advice if you need it!


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