New Look Blog!

Tonight see’s the change of look for my blog, I was very happy with the old look and it took a long time to get it how I wanted it but in reality, I never did some of the things intended so some of the features were left begging somewhat, particularly that of the photography element. Pictures didn’t scale well in it and to be honest I haven’t done as much photography as I’d like, mainly due the the crappy weather!

Anyway, as most of the time I just want to throw an idea out there or have a bit of a babble about something I’ve decided to have a bit of a re-jig. In all honesty, I’m not too worried how it looks from a laptop as I’m mainly aiming for mobile suitability. I figure more people probably read this on a mobile device so I am catering for those in the main. I no longer have to scratch around for a suitable image to use as the feature as before, I am happy just to bung them in the posts as and when appropriate. If you’re not viewing it on a mobile device then you will see the nice new iPad theme.

So there you have it, a new look for the new upcoming academic year. I hope you enjoy it šŸ™‚


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