What will I learn tomorrow?

It’s amazing how much the little things matter, especially when you’re only two.

This summer we didn’t go/aren’t going anywhere on holiday, mainly due to the fact we have quite a bit going on right now with the business and also because we are toilet training Lincoln! Despite this we have gone on lots of days out and had lots of fun. Last week we went to see Bob the Builder live show at the theatre, Lincoln enjoyed it, especially the songs. We’ve also done some spontaneous walking and grabbed the odd iced-cream. It’s little things like this that Lincoln recounts with pleasure. He held on to his iced-cream like it was gold! He looked so cute toddling along with it, although I did have to keep it under control when it started melting, Lincoln wasn’t keen on this bit!

In addition to our days out, we’ve spent a lot of time playing in Lincoln’s new play room and in the garden. One of the biggest tasks I had to complete this summer was sorting the garage out as it had become a dumping ground, this was another job that Lincoln loved helping Daddy with, we got everything out and put it on the garden, sorted the “stuff” from the rubbish and put it all back tidy. Lincoln was in his element. The job spanned more than the time I set aside on Sunday so i finished it today, during which I introduced Lincoln to some basic DIY. He spent ages with a little screwdriver putting screws in a piece of wood. Who would have thought something so simple would have kept him amused/engaged call it what you will, for so long? I suppose to him, it was new, and he’d seen Daddy fix things in the past, he loves getting involved and amongst what you’re doing (with the obvious H&S precautions, no getting up and walking around with a screwdriver for instance!!). All the time I am teaching/playing with Lincoln I realised I was potentially learning about how he was using the information I was giving him.

It got me thinking, It’s not what is taught that’s important it’s how you teach it, content is important no doubt, and how it can be applied to other scenarios is also key, but as I get closer to the new academic year that will bring new pupils, new challenges and new questions, it’s nice to be brought back to basics and reminded that HOW you teach a topic, skill, or piece of information is vital. Making it fun, engaging, interesting, valuable, or desirable is the way to produce deep learning. Not learning a fact or skill to be regurgitated but learn it in a memorable context adaptable to many situations.

I wonder what else my little superstar will teach me tomorrow?


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