Year 7 Get Blogging!

7i today became the teachers as they welcomed fellow Year 7 pupils from 7o and taught them how to blog. For many it was their first time blogging, but judging by the feedback it won’t be the last.

Pupils are posting on their form Learning Blog, a reflective communal diary of lesson experiences where problems can be shared, solved or discussed.

Some of the posts where absolutely fantastic stating what pupils knew about the topic before they started, what they learnt, what they struggled with, how the solved problems and what they want to know next.

Hopefully the blogging will continue for a long time to come, creating a real community spirit amongst the pupils, 7i were even helping each other out via the blog last night. A very positive start.

More forms to follow in the footsteps of 7o, getting valuable lessons on blogging from 7i. Shortly we will be implementing this with Year 8 too.


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