The kitchen is finally finished!!

After what seems like an eternity of blood, sweat, hard work, and tears the kitchen is finally finished. The work began back in July when I ripped the old kitchen out and then the new one got delivered (in part) thanks to the incompetence of B&Q sending the wrong worktops and LOADS of stuff we didn’t need! Following lots of scratching of heads, a crash course in plumbing and dabbling with joinery, it finally got installed (3 sets of worktops later!)

We then had to wait an age for our tiler to be available to tile the floor and walls before I could fit the cornice and pelmet (bits on top and bottom of the wall cupboards) which I’m please to say I finally fitted today. So it is with a really cheesy grin and a bit of a victory dance I present the following photographs, including the original designs from August 2011.








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