Escape from Byron Bay now available on the AppStore!


Escape from Byron Bay can now be downloaded for free from the AppStore. The game is compatible with iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

This game is set in the beautiful location of Byron Bay, the far North-eastern corner of the state of New South Wales in Australia. After visiting there in 2005, the place left a lasting impression with me as it’s one of the most unique places I have ever been. Byron Bay is a small town with about 5000 residents. There are many bars, restaurants and shops with a really relaxed, laid back feeling, everyone seems ultra-chilled out, what could possibly go wrong in a place like this?

Streets of Byron Bay

When I began planning my first text adventure I felt it was important to have the location clear in my mind before I could attempt to script a game. What appealed to me about setting it here was the fact that such a laid back place could be literally turned upside down with what happens in the story.

The game starts with you playing Hudson Brune, a 34 year old pioneer in genetic engineering working for BrynEli-Med. You initially find yourself alone in a car park looking for a way out of what was a bustling tourist attraction. A medical experiment gone wrong has resulted in the inhabitants becoming infected. You now realise you have to get out of this place, but how? A small set of interconnected puzzles will ensure your safety, but beware, the solution is not an easy one unless you look EVERYWHERE!

Enjoy playing the game, I hope you manage to escape, please take a moment to comment when you have played the game!



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