Video Arcade promoting KS3 Curriculum


At the recent Open Evening, I decided to turn one of the ICT rooms into a video arcade to highlight our game making work in our KS3 curriculum. The classic video games took visitors back to when arcades where vibrant, noisy, colourful and extremely fun to play in.

Using Scratch, we teach KS3 pupils loops, variables, and sprite interaction resulting in them producing a game they have designed. Last years results were very good and I can’t wait to see what our pupils have in store for us this year.

Today we hosted 14 pupils from Ysgol Plas who had great fun making the mobile device classic Angry Birds. They initialised variables, created movement based on conditions and implemented a scoring system and a means to record birds left, all in an afternoon.

I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did, and sincerely hope they grab the resources from my blog to continue with it. You never know, the next big game developer could be right here in North Wales.

Keep on Programming!!!


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