Manic March!

As months go, March has been pretty hectic already and we are only a third of the way through it!

Firstly we entered Tech-Dojo into the North Wales E-Learning competition, have a look here at our entry. We were fortunate enough to win the competition and as a result I will be presenting our work at the conference tomorrow!!

In the middle of all of this was a visit to Raspberry Pi in Cambridge where we discussed the work done at Ysgol Bryn Elian with computing and the Tech-Dojo where Raspberry Pi’s play a key part.


It was an extremely exciting day and I look forward to contributing more to the foundations cause in the future.
You can see a summary of the day here from the Raspberry Pi website as they were kind enough to put our Tech-Dojo video on there!!!


Tonight, we hosted a Primary CPD session at Ysgol Bryn Elian where we introduced computing and the progression pathway alongside Scratch and Raspberry Pi’s, so colleagues could get some hands on experience and have a play with technology. I look forward to seeing them all (and more besides) again in the future when we continue to work with our community to strengthen links, empower & enable teachers, and most of all, get computing into the grass roots of education to have maximum impact on the future of the children and the industry looking further ahead!


Next week see’s Ysgol Bryn Elian host some more primary children for our transition work, where we will be exposing them to Python to create cool graphics using Pygame, this promises to be another exciting session that keeps the computing buzz alive along the North Wales coast as they work to produce space invaders and other retro characters!


No sign of March calming down in the slightest, but it’s a lot of fun along the way, and we are very lucky that we are able to do these things to the extent we do. I work with a great team of individuals who work extremely hard to make this exciting area of the curriculum so appealing to young children!


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