Take a Tour of Ysgol Bryn Elian Minecraft Style!

The Digital Leaders at school spent almost a year painstakingly creating a model of our school in Minecraft, for the most part it’s complete, there is the odd gap that could be tweaked, improved or extended. The most impressive things for me are the lighting system in studio 1, it comes on and goes off very realistically and functions through the use of some complex redstone built into a false ceiling. I also like the canteen with working dispensers, and projectors on the ceilings in the classrooms.

The map is absolutely huge and traversing it to capture video took almost ten minutes so I had to cut the video down a little.

Behind this task was a mass of communication, collaboration, conflict resolution, creativity, reasoning, and plain, simple FUN.

Get your class building the school in Minecraft, it’s one hell of a task with a superb end result that you can put on your website. It’s also great to let children tour it on/before transition days.


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