Pearson Teaching Awards 2014


Having been kindly nominated by my school, Ysgol Bryn Elian, I went through an assessment process in early April. Two assessors visited the school where I had my Year 7 students playing with the Raspberry Pi’s and Pibrella breakout boards. It seems like a lifetime ago since they came in, and today finally arrived. Thank a Teacher Day.

I arrived at school in anticipation of the result and waited for some news, any news, an email, phone call, anything to put me out of my misery. Yet it did not arrive in the timely manner I had originally hoped. I got to break and still no news, people coming up to me saying have you heard anything yet and my answer remained “no not yet”, I was beginning to think it was not looking good.

After break I was teaching my Year 11 students when the head’s PA asked me to go and help the head with a problem in studio 1 as the IT manager was out of the building, so I promptly went on my way to assist. As I arrived at studio 1, I saw Mrs Hughes coming towards me, apologising for requesting my assistance, and as I got closer to the entrance, I saw the IT manager in there. At this point I thought she had lost the plot as I felt like saying “Kev is there look!!”

Where my story ends, the video takes over. Can I thank Mrs. Herbert for her very kind write up that was my nomination, very kind words. You don’t realise how lucky you are until you hear something like that. Secondly, thank you to the awesome team of people who I work closely with who in addition to me, make this stuff happen, Kev, Craig, Mel, Nick, and the leadership team for thankfully sharing my vision for the future of technology use in Bryn Elian and for allowing me the freedom to run, experiment, learn, share and succeed, and lastly Liz at Raspberry Pi for highlighting the work I had done in education with the Raspberry Pi that the foundation saw educational value in. I continue to strengthen my own expertise in this area to continue assisting colleagues in my region and beyond.

I now head to the House of Commons on the 24th June for a celebratory tea, I’d better be on my best behaviour. Then on to London in October for the final. Fingers crossed for the gold award. In between now and then I’m busy working in Primary schools doing Raspberry Pi training and doing CPD in North Wales for Minecraft and Raspberry Pi, so I’m sure it will fly by, enjoy the video and seeing my “fix a problem face” turn into shock and realisation.


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