HTML Tutorial for WJEC Unit 2 On-Screen Test

In addition to my recent blog post on the Greenfoot element of the on-screen test, I thought I would produce a new video for the HTML part. This is a much simpler task once students are familiar with the tags. I always advise my students to do this task first to get it out of the way and allow for more time to be spent on the other tasks (Greenfoot and the Algorithm) however from September 2017 we will also have to factor in time for the Assembly Language task, but don’t worry, by the time you need it I’ll have you covered with a tutorial and an example 🙂

The video below is the HTML guide which is also linked in the PDF task here or if you are a teacher wanting to deliver this there is a powerpoint version here. The resources also include links to the raw text required for the tasks.

Best of luck, and as always, enjoy! 🙂


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