The things that make me proud

Yesterday marked an important milestone as a parent. One of the many you seem to hit along the way. There seems to have been hundreds already and Lincoln is only 22 months old. He seems to have grown up so much in the past month, putting fairly long sentences together for a child of his age. Hearing him speak with such understanding of what he is saying makes me very proud. But back to the main event. Yesterday, I spent the afternoon converting his cot into a bed (it comes with appropriate fixings and instructions, I didn’t just set about modifying it with my tools!). During the process of the conversion, I had a flashback to the moment I was building his cot in preparation for his arrival, it seemed like 5 minutes ago! Yet there I stood after my hard work, looking down at the cutest, tiniest, bed, all ready for my little boy. With all the bases covered as far as safety is concerned in the form of a baby gate upstairs, a nightlight and a rail on his bed so he can’t fall out I figured we were ready to let him have a little responsibility.

Lincoln was very excited when he saw what had occurred in his nursery, he duly set about getting on and off his “big boy bed” with such happiness. You could see the gratitude in his actions, you would have thought we had given him a bumper bag of chocolate buttons ­čÖé this made me proud.

When bedtime arrived, he had his usual bath and we kept the routine identical to normal, the only exception was when he went to bed, he could if he chose to, get out and go on a field trip of the upper part of the house! Thankfully, Lincoln stayed in his bed, he didn’t complain or get out once, he just went to sleep as normal.

Even more surprising was when he woke this morning, he again, stayed in his bed chatting and waited for us to go in. I would say that it was a very successful transition. I told Lincoln how happy I was with him and told him I would take him out for a present for being so good.

During the visit into town where we purchased toy cars, helicopters, construction vehicles, race cars and emergency vehicles (he loves playing with cars and the like) Lincoln was so well behaved. He kept taking off his sunglasses in shops and put them back on when we got outside (too cute) and then assisted me by putting the coins into the car park machine.

I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m so so happy that Lincoln is turning out to be a polite, well behaved, respectful boy and he makes me so proud every time I look at him. I know Mothers and Fathers get their “day” where their children show appreciation to them, and every holiday I want to make it the time when I show Lincoln how much he means to me. We’ve already discussed we are going for a walk tomorrow while Mummy is in Birmingham, and I can’t wait, I have no idea what we’ll get up to but the main thing is we will be spending invaluable time together.

Being a Daddy to Lincoln is the best job in the world!!!!

Here’s to tomorrow ­čśÇ


The trials of life!

Its Monday 14th March 2011, 18:30 and I’m just sitting down to update my blog after what has been probably one of the worst weekends of my life. It all started on Friday morning when I received a phone call at school from Lincoln’s nursery saying he had been sick. My wife promptly picked him up and he continued being sick throughout Friday afternoon. Lincoln had seemingly caught some nasty sickness bug. Unfortunately on Saturday, Lincoln had zero energy and didn’t really want to do anything, he looked very ill and very tired. We assumed it was a 24 hour bug and assured ourselves he would be better soon.

Sunday arrived and Lincoln was even worse than the day before, the horrible symptoms of a sickness bug continued, all the while Lincoln was very very lethargic. We called the out of hours doctor yesterday at 6pm as Lincoln once again projectile vomited everywhere. The appointment was quite late in the evening so we took the drastic measure of taking him to A&E.

What are the chances! The night we go to A&E and everyone and his brother is there with everything from a cut eye, to a piece of metal sticking out of a young boys leg! Lincoln all the while is not at his best and as a parent I was getting increasingly frustrated at how long the wait was when you have a small child.

We did eventually get tended to and ended up on the children’s ward where we were seen by a paediatric doctor. Thankfully Lincoln is┬áOK┬á(well, as well as can be expected under the circumstances) but it would appear he has contracted a┬áparticularly┬ánasty stomach bug that could last up to seven days! We brought Lincoln home at 10:30 pm and he┬ácouldn’t┬áwait to go to bed.

Thankfully, Lincoln slept all night undisturbed by any nastiness, only for it to return the very next morning. So as it stands right now, I’ve spent the day at school worrying about him, and he is now in bed, still not well. My main problem is, as a habitual problem solver I feel complete and utter abject failure that I can’t make him better. As any parent would, I would swap places with him now just to make him feel better. It breaks my heart when he is asking for food and we can only give him very small amounts right now.

So, as far as being a parent is concerned, don’t let anyone tell you it’s easy because it’s not. There are many moments of joy, laughter and happiness and for sure they far outweigh the bad, but when your child is ill and there’s nothing you can do, its the most heartbreaking thing in the world. I’m hopeful that my poorly little boy may turn the corner tomorrow.

Putting it all into perspective, Lincoln has a stomach bug (albeit a very nasty one) and will no doubt be back to his chatty, playful self in the very near future, the news is on the TV in front of me, and the scenes in Japan are devastating, what has happened there has literally shook the world to its very core, thousands have lost their lives. No doubt there are whole families that have perished or parents that have lost their children, either way, Japan certainly will not be the same in the short term or even the long term. It’s easy to forget what matters and just as easy to take what you have for granted. I am thankful for what I have, and grateful for every day I can spend with my family.

Fingers crossed for a sick-less night for Lincoln and a bright fresh start in the morning.

New look blog!

In recent weeks, blogging has caused me some  significant stress. Mainly in the form of using Blogger with my students who already have a Googlemail account as we utilise this system at school. Unfortunately Google were asking for a phone number to verify student accounts. As students are encouraged not to enter personal details in anything on the Internet, we had some issues.

To top it off, Blogger messed me around as you know from an earlier post, so I decided to take the WordPress plunge. Its been in my head for some time now but finding time to sort it all out is not easy. Then half term arrived.

So as you can see it’s a little bit different around here, thanks to a good friend who hooked me up with some tidy hosting and a source for a theme, a lot of the pain was taken out of the process.

For pupils reading this, you will still find various homeworks on here from time to time, as well as on the school VLE (link at bottom of the page!) For my web design students you will also see I have added a nice accessibility feature at the bottom, to translate the site into many languages. Accessibility is one of those topics that has plagued us lately and this should iron out some of the issues.

Aside from using it as a teaching resource, I can also exhibit my photography. Hopefully I will get a lot more done this year than last year now Lincoln is a little older. I plan to go out a little at Easter wth Lincoln and Mary, and a lot in summer, so I am anticipating that I will be able to share some nice work.

Right now i’m thinking about going back to school tomorrow, looking forward to the remainder of the year (the business end of the academic year), its like the run up to the end of the football season. Lot’s to do and lot’s of pupils to “gee up” to get thier coursework finished.

I’ve just remembered a really funny story that I will have to share with you in the near future, I should have blogged it last week but have been busy.

Watch this space,.