Augmented Reality

For the past two weeks I’ve been doing some research, quietly in the background, along with the school technician (who I am sure will kill me if I ask him to unlock or download anything else!), looking for new and exciting ways of delivering lesson content to engage my pupils and further deepen their learning experiences. Since returning from the new technologies conference earlier this month I have been energised into looking for and developing new stuff in school.

We saw the introduction of QR codes for homework, which I’ve since developed (not yet launched) using MS Tags. I have a really fun activity planned for this but I’d better not say too much on that front yet as there are a few gates to open before I can successfully roll that one out. Then I got playing with AR (Augmented Reality). For those that don’t know what it is, heres a brief rundown. Imagine you point your webcam at a pre determined image (called a marker), the software would then recognise the image and display the augmented content linked to it on your screen in place of the image. To further illustrate the point I have put a video below for you to see. I am holding a marker with ZB on it, the system recognises this and displays the AR material I have made. Kinda cool, VERY cool in fact!

So, looking forward, I’m going to be showcasing a bit of this tomorrow to some senior staff at school to see what they think, and hopefully I will be able to do lots of training with those that are interested and get AR in more lessons.

Any questions on AR, leave a reply, I think I’ve learnt enough this week to be able to impart some wisdom on others to some degree!


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