The ideal Raspberry Pi setup in school


So I’ve recently been adding bits and bobs to the Raspberry Pi’s at school and begun to face the same problem I’m sure many of you have. You find a resource/program/app to add and then you have to go and add it to all the other cards for the rest of the pi’s. Including all the little setup tweaks we like to have. Which got me working on my latest mission, create an ideal setup with the majority (as far as it can be) of software required for a school environment and then clone it to all the other cards, setup and all.

Here’s the list so far that includes additions from my PLN:

Weather Station – @heyiolo
XiX Music Player
xrdp – for Remote Desktop
Wifi and VNC – @boeeerb
Python pi-camera – @TommyBobbins

Some hardware suggestions:

Pibrella and 7 Segments of Pi (@Cyntech1) – @Geeky_Tim @recantha @gadgetoid

Adventures in Raspberry pi by Carrie Anne Philbin is also a must have!!

So what else do we need for the perfect setup for school? Tweet me at @MrAHeard and I’ll add your suggestions to the list.


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